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When a ray of white light enters a prism, it exits split into its constituent elements. Each resulting color’s unique character is brought out and demonstrated through its interaction with the prism, thanks to the qualities of the light, as an active element, and those of the prism, as the passive element.


_nybble_ is an audiovisual, formal and spatial performance in which the media fluctuate between minimal and organic digital aesthetics. Two poles on the same continuum.

Delivery Graphic

Delivery Graphic is a drawing machine that creates graphics generated by being transported between two places.

Bodyscape / Synapse

Synapse and Bodyscape are both examples of fashion items which integrate the latest digital fabrication techniques with robotic and sensor technologies in order to explore how our wearables can become an interface with the world around us.

Computer Music & Media Composition

The three installations presented at the POSTCITY, laying out sonic spaces rather than musical sequences, reflect not only this fundamentally open approach to the question of what musical art is or could be these days, but also the media composition course’s deep integration into the university’s other fields of study.


Field is a light installation combining fluorescent tubes and Tesla coils. It utilizes the coils’ high-voltage fields to illuminate surrounding tubes without the use of physical power connections.

Sculpture of Time

Sculpture of Time is several works developed from the toki- series. Their creation started with the question of what it means to “move.” These works realize time, something that cannot be seen, by connecting two-dimensional movement to the third dimension through 3D printing.

Natural Intelligence—NI

Natural Intelligence—NI is a selection of artworks from the research group GIIP and its partners. The assistive interfaces pursue the development of devices to enable people with physical and mental disabilities and/or immobility to talk, produce and teach arts—including three-dimensional scenery and sound.