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Bodyscape / Synapse

Credit: Kyle Smithers

Behnaz Farahi (US/IR)

Synapse and Bodyscape are both examples of fashion items which integrate the latest digital fabrication techniques with robotic and sensor technologies in order to explore how our wearables can become an interface with the world around us.

Synapse is a multi-material 3D-printed helmet that moves and illuminates according to the wearer’s brain activity, while Bodyscape is a 3D-printed top that tracks human bodily movement using a gyroscope linked to LED lighting.


Designer: Behnaz Farahi
Acknowledgements: Pier9 / Autodesk with special thanks to Paolo Salvagione
Director of photography: Nicolas Cambier
Photographer: Mitchell Strum

Designer: Behnaz Farahi
Photographer: Kyle Smithers
Acknowledgements: USC, Media Art and Practices with special thanks to Samir Ghosh