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Credit: Maex Decker

Markus Decker (AT), Pamela Neuwirth (AT)

Rigor and experience, says science, and triumphs. Today we write MATERIAL and ENERGY in capital letters; EVOLUTION has also long since suspended fate. Hades brings the light of the souls out of the underworld and transposes their radiance into chemical luminescence:

Light as a reference to the soul and consciousness glows in a gelatin cube, thus at the same time serving as a source of information. While the light glows, people’s assumptions about the world are synthesized in an artificial neural network (ANN) and modified into a machine discourse. Mold (life) slowly grows over the fluorescent gelatin, until the light is extinguished and the metaphysical discussion ends.


Supported and produced by Us(c)hi Reiter—
Translation: Aileen Derieg
FIFO programming: Oliver Frommel
Supported by Kunstuniversität Linz

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Partly funded by the Bundeskanzleramt Kunst & Kultur as part of the annual program 2017 and by Linz Kultur