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End of Life Care Machine

End of Life Care Machine is an interactive installation consisting of an empty room, a seating area and a reception desk. Signs, medical bracelets, health information forms and other related medical products are used to transform the space into a hospital-like environment, where people go for their final rite of passage.

The Memories of Borderline

The Memories of Borderline is a unique merger of theater and virtual reality. Schauspiel Dortmund and CyberRäuber have cooperated to create a new virtual, immersive and interactive space based on the stage and performance of the acclaimed play Die Borderline Prozession.


Light as a reference to the soul and consciousness glows in a gelatin cube, thus at the same time serving as a source of information.

Hybrid Art – Luminiferous Drift

The live installation Luminiferous Drift simulates the view from outer space of a hypothetical planet and ist weather phenomena. The experimental arrangement uses macroscopic protocells to physically simulate the movements of phytoplankton in a biosphere.