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Best of Animation Lab—Tagtool

MON Sept. 11, 2017, 10:00 AM-11:30 AM, Ars Electronica Center, Deep Space 8K

Credit: OMAi


Drawing and sketching—with Tagtool you can animate your ideas very easily and quickly. Paint and animate live: Tagtool transforms your tablet into a live instrument for spontaneous visual expression. Paint with light, create animated graffiti or tell improvised stories. Tagtool can be used for jams and performances.

The Open Lab, an interactive and open workshop at u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD invites festival visitors to learn about the software, where you can create impressive visuals of your sketches and drawings. The new version of the software is presented at the Ars Electronica Festival for the first time.

The outcome of the OpenLab at u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD will be shown in this presentation in Deep Space 8K. As it was also a part of the CREATE YOUR WORLD TOUR 2017 in Malta, where more than 200 students could test the tool at the Esplora Science Center in Kalkara, the best works from those workshops will be presented as well.