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Deep Space 8K

THU Sept. 7-SUN Sept. 10, 2017, 10:00 AM-8:00 PM
FRI Sept. 8, 2017, 10:00 AM-11:00 PM
MON Sept. 11, 2017, 10:00 AM-6:00 PM
Ars Electronica Center

Credit: Robert Bauernhansl

Just in time for the festival, Deep Space 8K—the ultimate attraction at the Ars Electronica Center—is premiering a series of new and fascinating visualizations. Thanks to 16×9-meter projection surfaces on the space’s front wall and floor, 8K resolution and sophisticated technical features like laser tracking, festivalgoers are in for breathtaking worlds of imagery and mind-blowing experiences over the five-day festival run.

The Virtual Reconstruction of the Synagogue in Linz

In the Pogrom Night in November 1938, a mob acting on orders of the Nazi regime broke into the Linz Synagogue—like so many other Jewish houses of worship that night—ransacked it and set it ablaze. All that remained of the synagogue was a burnt-out ruin. In conjunction with the work on his master’s thesis at the Technical University of Vienna, René Mathe created a virtual reconstruction of the Linz Synagogue.

The Memories of Borderline

The Memories of Borderline is a unique merger of theater and virtual reality. Schauspiel Dortmund and CyberRäuber have cooperated to create a new virtual, immersive and interactive space based on the stage and performance of the acclaimed play Die Borderline Prozession.

Best of Animation Lab—Tagtool

Paint and animate live: Tagtool transforms your tablet into a live instrument for spontaneous visual expression. Paint with light, create animated graffiti or tell improvised stories. Tagtool can be used for jams and performances.


This series of scientific experiments conducted by Dr. Manuela Macedonia and her staff at Johannes Kepler University Linz in cooperation with the Ars Electronica Center and the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan, investigates learning a language in a virtual setting.


This program impressively demonstrates new and innovative approaches in current digital filmmaking at the interface of art and science—e.g. nature and bio-tech studies, morphogenesis, experiments with architecture, and perception.

Eurogym Space Debris

Help us clean up Deep Space! Having fun with space junk? Eurogym Space Debris, a game developed by high school students at Europagymnasium Baumgartenberg, makes collecting cosmic garbage a competitive challenge.

Disenchantment Space

In an artificial-intelligence society, a code is hidden from people. Even without understanding the meaning of the code we perceive it as a form of magic, which produces new results by using enormous quantities of data and broad parameters.

Next Generation JKU

Linz’s Johannes Kepler University’s faculty includes outstanding research scientists whose work is quoted in some of the most highly respected scientific journals worldwide. So who are these brilliant young Upper Austrian scientists and what exactly are they doing research on?


Fibres, tissue, bodies de/materialize between real and virtual space. New surfaces and materialities evolve from bioplastics or desert plants; are welded, etched or boiled.

Expanded Abstractions

Abstract-animation artist Max Hattler presents a cross-section of his work in special versions created for Deep Space 8K at the Ars Electronica Center.

ARTUR: Autonomous Robot Playspace

ARTUR: Autonomous Robot Playspace is an interactive environment featuring a full-scale, three-dimensional virtual robot. Developed specifically for Deep Space 8K in the Ars Electronica Center

Hisn al-Bab

This presentation invites the audience to experience the archaeological site Hisn al-Bab. It is little known but nevertheless played a significant role in Egyptian history, both with respect to its geography and its chronology. In historical terms, it was active at the very end of Roman rule and the Early Medieval Period, long after the pharaohs.

Best of Deep Space 8K

The very best of the regular Deep Space 8K program at the Ars Electronica Center in German and English language.

Capillaries Capillaries

Capillaries Capillaries is an audiovisual composition based on a non-hierarchical and bi-directional relationship between sound and image in real-time. The piece does not represent a visualization of music or sonification of an image but rather a tangle of audiovisual interactions.

Bird Song Diamond

Bird Song Diamond is a site- and habitat-specific interactive installation based on long-term research (2011-present), involving multifaceted, interdisciplinary perspectives—uniquely connecting the nodes of evolutionary biology, artificial intelligence and life, spatial sound, mathematics and mechatronics.

VH Award

The VH Award’s purpose is to discover promising but relatively unknown Korean artists creating media art. It seeks to support the art-making process of these young, talented media artists but to also help them gain international recognition.


Austrian astronaut Franz Viehböck’s lift-off to the MIR space station on October 1st, 1991, was accompanied by a euphoric celebration of this country’s giant leap into the cosmos. 25 years later, Florian Voggeneder boldly goes on a photographic mission to document the implications of this miniature Space Age.


Perception is the procedure of acquiring, interpreting, selecting and organizing sensory information. Perception presumes sensing. In people, perception is aided by sensory organs. In the area of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), the perception mechanism puts the data acquired by sensors together in a meaningful manner.


Sanbaso is an 8K documentary featuring a novel performing art by renowned Japanese artists. The stage is based on an ancient divine dance, the Sanbaso, praying to nature.

A Flurrytale

Four artists, three countries, two art fields, one topic. Reality vs. fantasy—these opposites have always been dividing people. But does one’s personal reality correspond to the mass understanding of it? What in fact influences the individual or mass definition of reality and imagination?

Pitoti Prometheus

Pitoti Prometheus is a first in VR: ancient rock art that literally comes alive at 360 degrees. It is the film with the longest production time in history.

Interludium A, Isang Yun 3 Etudes for Piano, Philip Glass

Interludium A was created in 1982, two years after the democracy movement in Gwangju was crushed. This was a matter of profound concern to Isang Yun, who in the late 1960s, had himself been victimized by the political despotism of the military regime in power at the time.

Paradise “Growth” in Zero Gravity

Yoichiro Kawaguchi proposes high-quality computer graphics with approximately 8K resolution as an artistic expressionistic method and media for presenting artworks.

NOIZE Etudes

NOIZE Etudes is a live multimedia performance focusing on micro-sounds caused by binary operations in multiple layers of music coding.


Can machines totally replace humans, or is there a need for just the right combination of human and artificial intelligence—hybrid intelligence? We will turn our real-time onstage performance into a human vs. machine battle.