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Credit: Markus Riebe

Markus Riebe (AT)

Landmarks consists of a series of 3D lenticular images. Corporeal constructions in the form of meshes of lines and flat shapes seem to rise from the image’s surface and float in space in front of the actual image plane. These fluctuating structures take shape on the basis of virtual wire-mesh models, to the surface of which graphic traces, textures and characters are applied.

The three-dimensional impression is produced by means of barrel-shaped optical lenses. This illusion can be viewed without 3D glasses, but is visible only on the original in the exhibition space, and cannot be captured photographically or reproduced on a computer screen.

The image that appears changes depending on the viewer’s point of view; each shift in perspective leads to new impressions. The pictures exist in a realm of tension and interplay between the real world and the level of thoughts, conceptions and ideas that, due to their complexity, necessitate the use of machines to become visible and apparently attainable. These works are steps in a process of exploring the reciprocal effects of the analog and digital poles. In this case, the computer is a tool employed only peripherally in the creative process—for instance, in slicing the 3D levels for the lenticular image as an end product. Essentially, the machine delivers the matrix for orientation among models, pattern arrangements and islands of consciousness.