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Credit: Jake Elwes

Jake Elwes (UK)

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are fast becoming part of everyday life. Based on AI models currently used, among other things, in content moderation and surveillance, the artworks explore the “latent space” of the AI as it processes and imagines the world for itself, dreaming in the areas between and beyond what it has learnt from us.

Collaborative project with Roland Arnoldt

In Closed Loop two artificial intelligence models converse with each other—one with words the other with images—in a never-ending feedback loop. The words of one describe the images of the other, which then seeks to describe the words with a fresh image. The neural networks become lost in their own nuances, sparking and branching off each other as they converse.

Special thanks to Anh Nguyen et al. at Evolving-AI for their work on GANs