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Closed Loop

In Closed Loop two artificial intelligence models converse with each other—one with words the other with images—in a never-ending feedback loop.

Silences (Active Images)

Lohner Carlson have been pursuing the notion of the Active Image since the late 1980s when their initial collaboration with John Cage inspired them to expand the found object and the notion of silence into the medium of film. As a result, Active Images investigate the nature of photography and the moving image.

Machine Learning Porn

In Machine Learning Porn a neural network has been trained using an explicit content model for finding pornography in search engines. The network is then reverse engineered to generate new “pornography” from scratch: an AI daydreaming of sex.


The latest AI research makes it possible to teach computers the names of things by showing them many examples. The key is a large amount of training data and deep learning software. By leveraging this, the artists have developed an AI capable of classifying 406 kinds of flower by using over 300,000 flower pictures.


Fight is a virtual-reality artwork in which the viewer’s two eyes are presented with radically different images, resulting in a phenomenon known as binocular rivalry. Presented with rival signals, the conscious mind “sees” a patchwork of the two images. The nature of these irregularities and instabilities depends on the viewer’s physiology.