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hoaxly Fake News Game

Christian Ziegler (AT), Nico Grienauer (AT), Florian Fida (AT)

hoaxly Fake News Game is an interactive installation where people can rate news headlines according to their perceived truthfulness. A headline will be presented on a screen. Players rate the information as true or false by hitting the appropriate Open Trigger buttons.

Two smaller screens provide immediate feedback on: whether the player has guessed correctly, the origin of the item in question, its rating on debunking platforms such as Mimikama or Snopes, along with some stats (such as the number of shares on social media) and how other players have done before. The hoaxly project provides open-source tools to assist media consumers in becoming more media literate.


Christian Ziegler, Nico Grienauer, Florian Fida, Oliver Köhler, Alexander Sulz, Luis Rosenstrauch, Nika Matzenauer

The project is supported by netidee.