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A(.I.) Messianic Window

A(.I.) Messianic Window is a project addressing AI’s oversimplification of complex human concepts. The stained-glass window depicts an artificial-intelligence interpretation of the term Messiah. The context of A(.I.) Messianic Window is the current trend of applying humanistic, cultural and non-universally defined concepts to artificial intelligence.

construction site of perspectives

At a construction site everything should run fluently, to work most effective. But what if the machines get their own ideas and start to play?

our audible/profitable economy/exhibition

In our audible/profitable economy/exhibition financial microtransactions are transformed into extra tonal sound structures. The exhibition consists of several coin-operated machines, each dedicated to a specific sonic event.

Machine Dream

One of the things that separates humans from machines is our ability to play. If life becomes all about efficiently achieving goals then it can become meaningless. Humans need to play! So what happens when there is true artificial intelligence? Will machines play too?


Perception is the procedure of acquiring, interpreting, selecting and organizing sensory information. Perception presumes sensing. In people, perception is aided by sensory organs. In the area of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), the perception mechanism puts the data acquired by sensors together in a meaningful manner.

Empathic Gateway

How empathetic can a construct of zeros and ones be? A technological miracle or just complex statistics? What makes a person a human being, and a machine a machine? Is it possible for machines to transcend their physical and mental limits just like some people do in extreme situations?