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our audible/profitable economy/exhibition

THU Sept. 7-MON 11, 2017, noon-12:05 PM, 4:00 PM-4:05 PM
POSTCITY, Welcome Area

Credit: Michael Johannes Muik

Niek Hilkmann (NL), Joseph Knierzinger (AT), Michael Johannes Muik (AT)

In our audible/profitable economy/exhibition financial microtransactions are transformed into extra tonal sound structures. The exhibition consists of several coin-operated machines, each dedicated to a specific sonic event.

Every visitor is invited to hear the different sounds, to accept the cost of production and to become part of the art industry. When an investment is made in all the machines at the same time they will perform one superior composition.

All the machines are part of the collection of the artist-led nothing more foundation (nm), which decided to distribute these automatons to various cultural organizations, in order to collect micropayments that will be used to support other artistic activities that create more coin-operated artworks.


nothing more foundation (Hilkmann, Knierzinger, Muik, et al.)