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“beauty(never)fades” is an AR application that visualizes the perception of feminine beauty from ancient times until today.

Out in the Dark

“Out in the Dark” is a mixed-media installation in combination with a music video. A wooden sculpture is used as a mapping object and as a stage-set for a performance.


2D-Zellkomplex” is an object that moves automatically to the music. The frequency values are transmitted to the servos, which move the panels of the “2D-Zellkomplex” accordingly.

Sense of Space and Time

The exhibition “Sense of Space and Time” contains fourteen projects ranging between design, art and technology. The projects were created by bachelor’s students from the Institute of Art Education, School of Arts, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, and by master’s students from the LMU Department of Informatics.

NOIZE Etudes

NOIZE Etudes is a live multimedia performance focusing on micro-sounds caused by binary operations in multiple layers of music coding.