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With the selected works, we aim to converge the issues in feminism with environmentalism. By framing the exhibition in this way, it is our hope to reinvigorate the eco-feminism that emerged in the 70s and was ignored for much too long. In this particular context, at the Ars Electronica festival in Linz, we address the local and transnational issues of feminism in media arts and the global issue of climate change.


The goal of our artistic-scientific research project trees: Rendering Ecophysiological Processes Audible, was to connect sounds that occur in trees with ecophysiological processes and thus investigate and render perceptible processes in plants that are not noticeable to humans.


Consider a mechanical rotation, like a car motor: it has a fixed cycle, but no rotation is exactly equal to the previous one. Atn external input slowly but constantly contaminates it. Such is the nature of all matter, a cyclic being but never a static one.

Hybrid Art – imaginary rhetoric

imaginary rhetoric is the final part of the series “blank projects,” in which the artists deals with the effects of extreme situations such as natural disasters and disasters caused by humans. The fourth work, shown here, was inspired by the artist’s excursions to Fukushima and other sites where nuclear disasters have occurred.