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Credit: Gil Delindro

Gil Delindro (PT/DE)

Consider a mechanical rotation, like a car motor: it has a fixed cycle, but no rotation is exactly equal to the previous one; there is a direction but absolute repetition is impossible; an external input slowly but constantly contaminates it. Such is the nature of all matter, a cyclic being but never a static one.

A dead tree was carved, removing the parts where fungi and larvae thrived; bacteria, the architects of an ongoing typography, still inhabit this place. This piece creates different axes or rotation cycles. There are five reading points built on prepared microphones—they act as needles reading the surface of the tree within specific orbits. Since all of the branch is irregular, a single rotation contains five different reading cycles. Through the course of time these segments or measurements align in one specific moment between each twelve rotations. There is a polyrhythmic interplay between order and chaos in this transient space. The acoustic typography of the wood generates and remakes the sound as the orbit proceeds.


The piece was developed during a residency at the Meet Factory, Prague, Czech Republic, 2016, with the support of the SHAPE European platform.