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Sculpture of Time

Credit: Akinori Goto

Development from the “toki-” series

Akinori Goto (JP)

Sculpture of Time is several works developed from the toki– series. Their creation started with the question of what it means to “move.” On one occasion Akinori Goto was impressed by the obvious facts that movement does not exist if time is standing still and that movement is possible due to the flow of time. In other words, time and movement are closely connected. This led the artist to the conclusion that the secrets of movement might become visible by pursuing “time”.

These works realize time, something that cannot be seen, by connecting two-dimensional movement to the third dimension through 3D printing. At first glance, it may look like just a cluster of white mesh, but the time that has been cut out can be reproduced by projecting light through the slits. By visualizing and actualizing time, not only do these works illustrate its relationship with movement, they also attempt to discover the beauty, characteristics and background connections of time born by going beyond dimensions.


Static symbols—numbers—are given time. They start to move windingly as though they are alive, in a way they can be seen as a single form of life. Furthermore, once a symbol with a meaning of its own is given fresh liveliness it is no longer about simple movement, but is felt as if an intention is created.


We expand ourselves by using technology longing for a better future. In doing so, we will not remain with our physical augmentation, but lead to enabling our multiple selves to exist on digital ground at the same time. Physical and digital will fuse in future times, and there will come a world without borders. By that time, there might be “the exact same me” with the same appearance and character, existing multiply in the real world. A world “I” am expanding. Where would the original “me” be, when that time comes? How would I be able to say that I am the real “me”?


This work is created from the movements the artist perceived as beautiful. As time and movement is strongly interrelated, the shape of time created from beautiful movements shall naturally be a time of beauty. This work consists of physical beauty generated by humans, in combination with the precise and elaborate beauty generated by machines.