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Today, digital assistants use artificial intelligence to help us with daily tasks – and through robotics it becomes possible to extend this assistance into our physical world. AI Music does not replace the musician and generate music by itself, but instead shares the instrument with the musician and listens attentively. Once it has heard enough, it can continue on its own, or even play in parallel, learning from everyone it interacts with.

Innovative 3D-printing technology is used to make the robot safe to play music with: As a true virtuoso, the robot is focused on its music rather than the people around it, so we have it wear a soft, inflatable, AirSkin that was custom-fit through 3D-printing.

Concept for Music & Sound by Max Walch
Robotics & Programming by Blue Danube Robotics
3D Printing Technology by Bernstein Innovation
Conceptual Design by Creative Robotics Laboratory, UfG Linz (Johannes Braumann)