Experience digital arts! CyberArts presents the most outstanding entries from the Prix Ars Electronica, the international competition of computer art now in its 20th year, at the OK Center of Contemporary Art. This year’s exhibition shows award-winners and distinguished works from the categories Computer Animation, Digital Communities and Interactive Art + . The intelligent and entertaining presentation impressively depicts the developments in digital art, the current discourse, and the associated issues.

489 Years
Hayoun Kwon (KR)

489 Years is a work of computer animation based on the accounts and recollections of a former South Korean soldier.

AI DJ Project
Nao Tokui (JP), Shoya Dozono (JP)

489 Years is a work of computer animation based on the accounts and recollections of a former South Korean soldier.

Kohei Ogawa (JP), Itsuki Doi (JP), Takashi Ikegami (JP), Hiroshi Ishiguro (JP)

Alter was developed to find out just how lifelike a robot can be.

Anti-Racism Movement (ARM)
Anti-Racism Movement (ARM)

In response to a racist incident in Beirut, the Anti-Racism Movement (ARM) was founded in 2010 in Lebanon as a grassroots movement by young feminist activists.


Bellingcat gathers together open source and social media investigations by citizen journalists and interlinks them.

BitSoil Popup Tax & Hack Campaign
LarbitsSisters (BE)

More than 2.5 trillion bytes of data are generated daily. Every click, every Tweet, every post generates data that can be sold. In return for free services, we swap this data with Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook et al. LarbitsSisters regarded this as a totally unacceptable situation.

Conspiracy: Conjoining the Virtual
Kristin McWharter (US)

This participatory artwork interrogates individual subjectivity within collective decision-making as five people interact through the sculptural object—each directed by their own virtual reality experience.

Peter Burr (US), Mark Fingerhut (US), Forma (US)

Descent is a downloadable digital artwork that’s inspired by both Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s 1562 painting Triumph of Death.

Digital Communities Lounge

Digital Communities Lounge is open In the Ursulinensaal im OÖ Kulturquartier to provide a meeting & sharing platform within the CyberArts exhibition 2018 for different “Digital Communities”.

Digital Shaman Project
Etsuko Ichihara (JP)

The Digital Shaman Project proposes a new mode of mourning in keeping with the technical advances of today.

Electric Puppet/Georgie Pinn (UK/AU), Kendyl Rossi (CA/AU), Jeremy Boulton (AU)

The key intention of the ECHO project is to create a vehicle for the exchange of empathy, blurring the boundary with oneself and the other.

Ei Wada (JP), Nicos Orchest-Lab (JP)

With the help of festival visitors, Ei Wada will bring back to life the spirits of retired consumer electronics devices.

In 2012, grew out of discontent with the disconnect between Taiwan’s bureaucratic government and the people of Taiwan, a young democratic country, trying to establish its own identity after centuries of colonial rule.

La Chute
Boris Labbé (FR)

La Chute (The Fall) conveys the feeling of a world that is more of an imaginary creation based on art, myths, and the history of humankind.


The journal Leonardo was founded in 1968 in Paris by kinetic artist and aerospace pioneer Frank Malina and published by Pergamon Press. Ever since its inception, the Leonardo community has nurtured transnational and interdisciplinary collaborative projects in the USA and abroad.

Monitor Man
Yassine Khaled (MA/FI)

During the festival Yassine Khaled will do his “guiding tours” in Linz, acting as the physical embodiment of those who are only able to be virtual tourists, bearing them through the city.

Mother of Machine
Sarah Petkus (US)

The robot “NoodleFeet” is the physical manifestation of an illustrated character, built and “raised” by the kinetics and robotics artist Sarah Petkus.

POPPY Interactive
Submarine Channel/Antoinette de Jong, Robert Knoth (NL)

The interactive documentary is the result of a protracted investigation into the global nexus of drugs, war, and organized crime using photo, video, radio reportage, and found footage.

Rediscovery of anima
Akinori Goto (JP)

This project attempts to revive “anima” (“life” or “soul” in Latin) and also animation through primitive methods using sunlight.

[help me know the truth]
Mary Flanagan (US)

[help me know the truth] is a software-controlled participatory work of art. First, the visitor takes a digital self-portrait in the exhibition space. Using the tools of the cognitive neurosciences, the face is then manipulated with noise patterns to, in the truest sense of the word, construct the perfect stereotype.

Mathilde Lavenne (FR)

French artist Mathilde Lavenne’s animated film is a visually impressive search for traces of a long-lost civilization in Mexico.

Ursula Damm (DE)

Turnstile is a digital artwork in public space that investigates swarm behavior as an expression of collective daily life.

Positions of the Unknown
Quadrature (DE)

52 mechanical devices follow in real time the paths and movements of mysterious manmade objects in outer space. We know only that these objects exist but have no idea of their mission and function