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DIY-Databasing! Technical and legal aspects of free access to information in so-called Information Society
Juliane Alton (AT)
Alexander Baratsits (AT)
Maria Berger (AT)
Volker Grassmuck (DE)
Eberhard Hilf (DE)
Paula LeDieu (UK)
Veronika Leiner (AT)
Christoph Lindenmaier (CH)
Matt Locke (UK)
Peter Reindl (AT)
Leo Saftic (AT)
Ursula Sedlaczek (AT)
Christa Sommerer (AT)
Pieter de Witt (NL)

Ars Electronica Center / SKY Medialoft


Advances in digital technology for the most part expand the possibilities of communication and information; nevertheless, legal regulations instituted in reaction to these developments do not nurture free access to information nearly as much as they support the commercial interests of those who exploit intellectual property. Radio FRO Conference participants will discuss technical and legal aspects of free access to information and seek alternative approaches to licensing for non-commercial use in free media.

Panel A: Radical Innovation, 10:30 - 12:30
Digitalisation of Broadcast-Media: Scenarios and alternatives for Community Media (DAB, DRM, Radio on Demand etc.)
Pieter de Wit (NL), Peter Reindl (AT), Christoph Lindenmaier (CH), Christa Sommerer (A), Leo Saftic (A)
Host: Veronika Leiner (AT)

Panel B: (No) Free Access to Information in so-called Information Society? 13:00 - 15:00
Maria Berger (AT), Paula LeDieu (UK), Ursula Sedlaczek (AT), Eberhard Hilf (D), Volker Grassmuck (DE)
Moderation: Alexander Baratsits (A)

Presentations: Sat, 3. 9., Brucknerhaus, electrolobby Kitchen
Perspectives for Creative Archive Licenses in Austria and elsewhere – Paula LeDieu (UK), Juliane Alton (A) – 15:00
EUREKA – A solution for-scale digital radio – Pieter de Wit (NL) – 17:00

Workshops: Sat, 3.9., 11:00 - 18:00, Stadtwerkstatt

11:00 - 13:00
Licensing for free publication of intellectual or artistic content in the www – Alexander Baratsits (A)
Participants (among others): Matt Locke (GB), Paula le Dieu (GB), Volker Grassmuck (D), Juliane Alton (A)

14:00 - 16:00
Do it Yourself! Radio on Demand – Ingo Leindecker (AT) (http://cba.fro.at)
Learn how to produce and to publish your own radio shows via the internet using podcasting. Get to know the process of radio production and internet publishing as well as the backgrounds of the RSS standard and how to use mobile and immobile podcasting clients. Information and registration: ingo.leindecker@fro.at

With support of Kupf Innovationstopf 2005, RTR GmbH and Association of Free Radios Austria


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