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Suspended Engines

Jean-Baptiste Barrière (FR)
Maurice Benayoun (FR)
Bobby R. (AT)
Gabriel Coutu-Dumont (CA)
Marc Leclair
VCD de:fect (TR)

ÖBB - Technische Services


The 2005 Ars Electronica’s opening soiree will feature performances and concerts in an unusual setting: an Austrian Federal Railways assembly shop. A workshop is radically recontextualized for the evening’s activities. Suspended locomotives give an inkling of the venue’s day job; dramatic lighting effects endow the machinery with a nocturnal party flair.

20:30 - 21:15
bastard’s revenge
Music by Bobby R. (Dietmar Lehner, Thomas Biebl) (AT)
Visuals by VCD de:fect / Mahir M. Yavuz & Muhittin Bilginer (Istanbul Bilgi University, TR,www.de-fect.com)

Original tones and atmospherics from the workaday world in this railway assembly shop have been recorded and embedded in the evening's soundscape. This acoustic fusion provides the soundtrack for the worlds of optical imagery designed by Mahir M. Yavuz and Muhittin Bilginer.

21:15 - 22:00
Music by Marc Leclair (aka Akufen)
Images by Gabriel Coutu-Dumont (CA)

This audiovisual performance takes an allegorical look at evolution and development from single cell to social structure.

22:00 - 22:30
Emotional Traffic
Maurice Benayoun, Jean-Baptiste Barriere (FR)

The Internet is meant to be the world's nervous system. In Part 10 of “The Mechanics of Emotion” series of works, the artists will read the maps of world’s emotions gathered in real time from the Internet and considered as musical scores. In an experience of total collective manipulation together with the audience, they will play the emotions of the world live like musical instruments.

Software development in collaboration with V2_Lab
Software (WEM): Brigit Lichtenegger, Artem Baguinski, Maloes de Valk
Production: CITU (citu.info), V2 (v2.nl), Ars Electronica Festival

22:30 - 00:00
dashes on the slinky stuff
Music by ADA (DE)
Visuals by VCD de:fect / Mahir M. Yavuz & Muhittin Bilginer (Istanbul Bilgi University, TR,www.de-fect.com)

Rail Rock! With a musical palette ranging from melancholy ultraviolet to crazed infrared, ADA is the perfect closing act on opening night. And just the right optical accompaniment: visuals by Mahir M. Yavuz and Muhittin Bilginer.

Our free shuttle service will whisk you from the Main Square to the train station, where you'll see signs pointing to the assembly shop (Montagehalle) on the grounds of the OBB Technical Services yard.

This evening is curated by Manuela Pfaffenberger, Andreas Hasch and Paulina Borda / Mutek
Light design: Peter Thalhamer. Special thanks to V2_Lab for the software development of “Emotional Traffic”.
In Collaboration with ÖBB - Technische Services, supported by Institut Français and LKW-Verleih Hackl Linz/Urfahr
Additional support by Salzburger Festspiele

© Ars Electronica Linz GmbH, info@aec.at