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“Do you still believe or have you already started to think?” The Problem of Semi-Enlightenment

Michael Schmidt-Salomon - "do you still believe or are you already thinking" (just available in German)   download

Closeness vs Dislocation – Contextualising Net-Based Art

Intro - Dieter Daniels (just available in German)   download
Konzeptioneller Ablauf - Gunther Reisinger (just available in German)   download
Unifying Future Media - Ted Nelson   download
The Infinite Expansion - Lev Manovich   download
Die Kunst des Teilens. Von der frühen Netzkunst zum Web 2.0 - Marc Ries (just available in German)   download
Net Based Art and the Gallery - Charlie Gere    download
Warum ich nie zu einer Netzkunsthistorikerin geworden bin - Verna Kuni (just available in German)   download
Can Art History Digest the Net? - Julian Stallabrass   download
Symbiotic methods. Interdisciplinary approaches towards net-based art - Gunther Reisinger (just available in German)   download
Digital Cultural Heritage - Dieter Daniels   download

Everything you ever wanted to know about Second Life

Introduction - Everything you ever wanted to know about Second Life   download
The History of Second Life - Andreas Lange   download
Identity and Trust in Second Life - Robin Harper   download
Synthetics - Eva and Franco Mattes   download
fun, form, function - Drew Harry   download
Second City Projects - Aram Bartholl   download
Table Talk   download

Fundamental Rights in the Digital World - Lectures

Opening Remarks - Barbara Heiliger (just available in German)   download
Opening Remarks - Gerfried Stocker (just avialable in German)   download
Useful Forgetting - Viktor Mayer-Schönberger   download
Limits of Existing Legislation and Legal Precedents with Respect to the Demands of Life Online (Examples)   download
Current Development on the European Level and the Latest Initiatives of the European Commission   download

Goodbye Privacy Symposium I

Welcome Gerfried Stocker (just available in German)   download
Introduction   download
The Value of Privacy (just available in German)   download
Introduction Jordan Crandall and Erich Moechel   download
Fear Studies, Jordan Crandall   download
The Meta-Net. Anatomy of the Modern Surveillance Society, Erich Moechel (just available in German)   download
Defending Freedom in the Digital World - EFF and EDR   download
Danny O´Brien   download
Rikke Frank Jorgensen   download
Are We on the Way to a Transparent Society? (just available in German)   download

Goodbye Privacy Symposium II

Introduction Contextual Integrity   download
Helen Nissenbaum   download
Faceless - Manu Luksch (just available in German)   download
From Network Identity to OpenID - Ralf Bendrath (just available in German)   download
Copyright Instead of Data Protection - Volker Grassmuck (just available in German)   download
Conclusion (just available in German)   download

Goodbye Privacy Symposium III

Welcome and Introduction   download
Life after Privacy - Brian Holmes   download
Social Entrepreneurs - Konstantin Guericke   download
Social Entrepreneurs - Jakob Lodwick   download
The New Public Life - Felix Stalder   download
Discussion   download

Goodbye Privacy Symposium IV

Intro   download
Survaillance as Social Sorting - David Lyon   download
Delighted by the Spectacle - Francesca da Rimini    download
Global Security Alliance - Konrad Becker    download
Conter-Espionage and Active Privacy Protection Methods    download

Pixelspaces 2007: Onfield

Panel 1 - Onfield - Horst Hörtner   download
Panel 1 - Amagatana/Jump - Masahiko Inakage   download
Panel 1 - Social Sensing - Orkan Telhan    download
Panel 1 - Source Code - Horst Hörtner    download
Panel 2 - Introduction - Daniela Kuka   download
Panel 2 - JAIKU Mobile - Jyri Engeström   download
Panel 2 . Post bits - Maribeth Back   download
Panel 2 - MUPE - Juha Kaario    download
Panel 2 - Ecce homo mobilis - Selene Kolman   download
Panel 2 - Discussion   download

Prix Forum I - Hybrid Art

Introduction - Hybrid Art   download
Biological Habitat: Breeding Spaces Technology, Made in Space    download
Cloaca - Wim Delvoye   download
SymbioticA - Oron Catts    download

Prix Forum II - Interactive Art

Introduction - Interactive Art   download
Conservation of Intimacy - Bernie Lubell   download
Seeker - Leon Cmielewski, Josphine Starrs   download
Park View Hotel - Ashok Sukumaran   download
Discussion   download

Prix Forum III - Digital Musics

Elisabeth Schimana - Member of the Jury   download
Mi Vida - Israel Martinez   download
Grist - Aaron Thall   download
Reverse-Simulation Music - Masahiro Miwa   download
Discussion   download

Prix Forum IV - Computer Animation / Film / VX

Ivan Tsupka - Member of the Jury   download
Ark - Grzegorz Jonkajtys, Marcin Kobylecki   download
A Gentlemen´s Duel - Tim Miller   download
Codehunters - Ben Hibon   download

Prix Forum V – Digital Communities

Ingrid Fischer-Schreiber - Member of the Jury   download
dotSUB - http://dotsub.com - Michael L Smolens    download
Electronic Frontier Foundation - Danny O´Brien   download
Overmundo - www.overmundo.com.br - Ronaldo Lemos   download

Prix Forum VI - Media.Art.Research

Dieter Daniels - Member of the Jury   download
Exe.cut[up]able statements - Poetische Kalküle und Phantasmen des selbstausführenden Texts - Florian Cramer    download

Secure Online – Symposium

Sicher im Netz - Sirikit Amann (just available in German)   download
Sicher im Netz - Bernd Dobesberger (just available in German)   download
Sicher im Netz - Andreas Krisch (just available in German)   download
Sicher im Netz - Franz Schmidbauer (just available in German)   download
Sicher im Netz - Eva Hanel (just available in German)   download
Sicher im Netz - Christoph Pojer (just available in German)   download
Sicher im Netz - Table Talk (just available in German)   download


UNESCO Lounge - Table Talk (just available in German)   download