On September 16th, 2007 Ars Electronica invited everyone in Linz to take part in a group portrait, and over a thousand Linzers responded by sending messages directly back via the heavens – on banners, “creatively” mowed lawns and other works of art! Now the first 50 snapshots are on display at the Ars Electronica Center - Museum of the Future and many more are to be added over the next weeks. If you are one of those who immortalized themselves in a group portrait, then go to the Museum of the Future and – as little thank you – email a segment of the picture showing your project to an address of your choice, free of charge. For copyright reasons, only a small segment of each picture, the segment in which your own work is visible, and not the entire city district, may be cut out and sent.

Two maps are available to help you find the reference number of the photo with the segment you want:

Online map with search engine for exact addresses

Map (pdf 3.5MB)

How do you actually get the photo of your project?
  • Visit us at the Ars Electronica Center – Museum of the Future in Linz, Graben 15 at the corner of Dametzstraße. The project “All of Linz – A Group Portrait from Above” is located in the entrance area that is accessible to the public during opening hours, free of change.
  • Ask an info trainer to help you find a specific photo reference number, or describe exactly where your work was in Linz.
  • Our info trainer will look and see whether the photo with your project is already available.
  • If it is, zoom to your contribution in the group portrait, make a screenshot of it and email it to an address of your choice.

Due to the large number of photos and the huge amount of data, we hope you’ll understand that it might be late October until you can view all the overhead shots of the individual works on the WikiMap of Linz To make sure no projects have been overlooked, please send a brief description of your work along with its address and photo reference number to

First snapshots:

Source: rubra
Source: Stadt Linz Pertlwieser

Info-Hotline: 0732/72 72-40

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