The Ars Electronica Futurelab’s 11 years of experience in creatively working with media technology to design and implement interactive processes—that is: mediating interpersonal communication and human beings’ interactions with objects, spaces and content—has engendered a broad spectrum of expertise that we provide in the form of consulting services to university departments, private enterprises and public institutions active in many different specialties, industries and fields.

process of triangulation at the interface of technology, art and society is the essential feature of this laboratory-atelier’s approach to our client’s needs. The common denominator is consulting: configuring interaction that, depending on the task at hand, focuses on technology research, designing and staging presentations, and getting across specific content in the most effective way possible.

For the Natural History Museum in London, a Futurelab team developed concepts for exhibition dramaturgy and design to mediate visitors encounters with new installations in the facility’s Science Center, came up with scenarios to foster a process of exchange among visitors and scientists, and evaluated diverse approaches to the technical implementation of interactive installations.

Vodafone Group R&D Germany took advantage of the lab’s creative approach and real-world know-how to conceive and develop prototypes of leading-edge interactive media.

For Swarovski, we evaluated new interactive approaches to Web-based applications.

And SAP commissioned us to create groundbreaking scenarios in intelligent environments for a diversified mix of stakeholders.

Consulting can take the form of project-independent assignments, research and evaluation projects, training sessions and workshops, conceptualization, as well as project support services.
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