Bionic Partition: Generative Design for Aerospace

The Bionic Partition is the world’s largest metal 3D printed airplane component. This component – created through a pioneering combination of generative design, 3D printing, and advanced material – is almost 50 percent lighter than current designs, and it is also stronger. This weight savings translates to fuel savings and carbon reduction.

We Make Money Not Art

We Make Money Not Art is a blog that focuses on the intersection between art, science, and social issues. Created in March 2004, investigates the work of artists, designers, and hackers who are using science and technology in a critical, socially engaged way.

Amsterdam Smart Citizens Lab

The Amsterdam Smart Citizens Lab empowers a vivid community of committed citizens to use inexpensive, open source technology to understand their environments (the air they breathe, the noise they hear, the water they drink & swim in, and the soil they grow on) better and to take action based on their findings.