THU 8 September - MON 12 September 2016, 10AM-7:30PM, POSTCITY, Ground Floor
Credit: Eric Dyer

Eric Dyer

Implant is an imaginary medical device that fits into a blood vessel, neuron, etc. It is super-enlarged, making the viewer feel microscopic. With a genetic retinal disease in his family’s DNA, Dyer has closely followed developments in gene therapy, including the insertion of healthy genes into the body using viruses. With Implant he plays with the paradoxical threat and promise of bleeding-edge, anatomically invasive and potentially rampant medical practices. Viewers explore the cylindrical spinning sculpture with hand-held strobe lights, discovering thousands of colorful, fluffy, and sinister nanobots performing unknown tasks and a spiral of organic-synthetic gears inside the tube.

Imaging Research Center, University of Maryland Baltimore Campus, USA
Creative Capital

This project is presented in the framework of the European Digital Art and Science Network and co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.