Quayola Sculpture Factory Alchimists of Our Time

Artist Lab Quayola

Sculpture Factory is the latest iteration of Quayola’s ongoing research on classical sculpture.
Inspired by Michelangelo’s technique of “non-finito” (unfinished), the installation explores the tensions between form and matter, real and artificial, old and new.

Artist Lab Institute IRNAS

Luka Mustafa & Boštjan Vihar
At the IRNAS institute, young people from various backgrounds have found each other with the common goal applying the advances in science and technology to everyday reality and creating efficient, affordable systems, available to everyone.

Artist Lab ASSISIbf

Thomas Schmickl
The goal of the ASSISIbf project is to establish a robotic society that can develop communication channels between animal societies (honeybees and shoals of fish).

Lucy McRae Institue of Isolation

The Institute of Isolation

Lucy McRae
The Institute of Isolation is a short film exploring the body beyond Earth’s edge, following Lucy McRae as she tests the effects that extreme experience might have on evolving human

Artist Lab Jussi Ängeslevä

Jussi Ängeslevä
Beyond Prototyping is a research project looking at the dynamics between the designer, manufacturing process and the consumer in creating everyday products in the age of digital fabrication.


Susana Soares
The diversity of leaf shapes, sizes and structures allows plants to adapt to nearly every environment. The precise molecular switches that control this process are being discovered. Research on plant morphology is putting together the genetic blueprint that controls plant structure and shape.


Alessio Chierico
Trāṭaka is an interactive installation based on a brain-computer interface. Trāṭaka is a Sanskrit term meaning “to gaze” and it refers to a meditation technique for concentrating one’s attention on a flame.

The Drinkable Book

Theresa Dankovich
Introducing the Drinkable Book by Folia Water: no pipes, no pumps, just a lightweight, long-lasting, inexpensive paper filter that kills bacteria and viruses while removing parasites, algae, cryptosporidium, giardia, cholera and other waterborne pathogens. Pour dirty water in and clean water comes out.

The Living Language Project

Ori Elisar
The Living Language is a bio-design project exploring the boundaries between culture and nature. It is a suggestion for a new evolution process of the Hebrew alphabet during the 2000 years it was considered to be a dead language.

The Kankisenthizer

Ei Wada
In 2015 Ei Wada started a project called Electronicos Fantasticos! where he recycles used home electronics and turns them into electronic musical instruments.