The Kankisenthizer

THU 8 September - MON 12 September 2016, 10AM-7:30PM, POSTCITY, Gallery
Credit: Mao Yamamoto

Ei Wada

In 2015 Ei Wada started a project called Electronicos Fantasticos! where he recycles used home electronics and turns them into electronic musical instruments. The concept is to awaken a Yōkai (a supernatural creature in the Japanese folklore) who was living but is asleep in the abandoned technology. One of the main roles in the project is The Kankisenthizer. This converts electromagnetic waves into sound by spinning ventilation fans (called kankisen in Japanese) and storing the light that flickers through the blades as power in a small solar battery. Changing the number of fan blades creates a musical scale. The performer holds the solar battery and moves between the fans, or directly touches the blades and changes the voltage to control the number of rotations while producing the music.

Technical support : Souichi Yamamoto (NICOS LAB)
Thanks to NICOS LAB