The Drinkable Book

THU 8 September - MON 12 September, 10AM-7:30PM, POSTCITY, Gallery
Credit: Brian Gartside

Theresa Dankovich

Introducing the Drinkable Book by Folia Water: no pipes, no pumps, just a lightweight, long-lasting, inexpensive paper filter that kills bacteria and viruses while removing parasites, algae, cryptosporidium, giardia, cholera and other waterborne pathogens. Pour dirty water in and clean water comes out.

Invented by the Folia Water co-founder and chief technical officer Dr. Theresa Dankovich, the Drinkable Book filter has a silver coating that kills bacteria and viruses. Larger parasites and algae are strained out by the paper itself. One ten-cent filter purifies 100 liters of water. A backpack full of these filters can purify enough water for 500 people for a year. Originally created through a collaboration between chemist Theresa Dankovich, PhD, non-profit WATERisLIFE and ad agency DBB NY, the Drinkable Book features information to raise awareness about the need for clean water, sanitation and hygiene printed on its pages.

Inventor: Theresa Dankovich, PhD, Folia Water co-founder and chief technical officer Designer: Brian Gartside of DBB NY
Non-profit partner: WATERisLIFE