Artist Lab Jussi Ängeslevä

THU 8 September - MON 12 September 2016, 10AM-7:30PM, POSTCITY, STARTS Labs
Credit: Michael Burk

Jussi Ängeslevä

Professor Jussi Ängeslevä teaches at the University of the Arts Berlin and the Royal College of Arts alongside leading the creative efforts at ART+COM studios as a Vice-Creative Director. Throughout his career his focus has always been intentionally in between fields: combining understanding of visual, physical and interaction design with algorithmic, electronic and mechatronic knowledge to create innovative and elegant experiences.

Credit: Michael Burk

Credit: Michael Burk

Beyond Prototyping

Beyond Prototyping is a research project looking at the dynamics between the designer, manufacturing process and the consumer in creating everyday products in the age of digital fabrication. The “meaning” of an artifact transcends its physical utility and technical characteristics and is increasingly a personal narrative. The three case studies, Ciphering, Locatable and Highlight illustrate different strategies of how the experts and the target audience can together create meaningful, unique artifacts, based on an algorithmic design idea and through an online platform for intuitive interaction. The designs play with a distinct functional definition of a product and distinct aesthetics, which are expressed through the end user’s encoded input of meaning, resulting in well-designed and robust but individual products that go beyond prototype status.

Credits: Jussi Ängeslevä; Iohanna Nicenboim; Michael Burk; Universität der Künste Berlin; Technische Universität Berlin; Einstein Stiftung Berlin; Bartmann Berlin; Recoltoir; Masonyte;; Hybrid Plattform; Jens Wunderling