WED 7 September 6:30PM-9PM Opening
THU 8 September - SUN 11 September 10AM-8PM
MON 12 September 10AM-6PM
Ars Electronica Center

Energy or substance, air is one the most abundant resources on earth. In many mythologies across culture, air brings life to and animate static substance. PneUI explores the dynamic interaction between the air and sheet materials. The digital fabrication processes enable various shapes to be created, transformed in a programmable way.

Exhibition: Jifei Ou, Nikolaos Vlavianos, and Hiroshi Ishii Research: Jifei Ou, Felix Heibeck, Lining Yao, Ryuma Niiyama, Nikolaos Vlavianos, Melina Skouras, and Hiroshi Ishii