Ars Electronica Center

Tangible Media Group MIT Radical Atoms Exhibition

Radical Atoms Exhibition

Beginning September 8, 2016, the Ars Electronica Center will showcase the “Radical Atoms” exhibition, which centers around the digital world’s merger with the physical one. It is a reference to the visions and prototypes that have emerged from the MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group.

Deep Space 8K

Deep Space 8K is premiering a series of new and fascinating visualizations. Festivalgoers are in for breathtaking worlds of imagery and mind-blowing experiences over the five-day festival run.

Future Self Mirror

How will we look in six months if we keep up at our current rate as far as diet, dental hygiene and sports are concerned? Who’ll we see in the mirror a year from today? These questions still have to be answered with “Haven’t the foggiest,” but students at CIID are already working on another, more visionary concept. The smart Future Self Mirror is designed to enable us to gaze into the future of our physical development.

Alchemists of Art and Science

The huge current interest in forms of interdisciplinary collaboration shines what or many people is a long-overdue spotlight on the multifarious possibilities that can emerge from exchange and cooperation among, on one hand, art and creativity, and, on the other hand, science and technology.

Deep Space 8K: Intel DRONE 100

Ars Electronica and Intel present: “One rarely experiences moments in which it becomes crystal clear how important and rewarding it can be to defy all the naysayers, to steadfastly pursue a vision and to work unwaveringly for years to bring it to fruition.” That’s how Horst Hörtner, director of the Ars Electronica Futurelab, summarized what was going through his head when 100 drones took off in pursuit of a world record in November 2015. In Deep Space 8K he personally presents the DRONE 100 project.

Deep Space 8K: 8K Vision, toward 2020 by NHK

NHK, Japan’s public broadcasting company, will show the highlights of NHK 8K programs and share some of the things they experienced and learned as they went through the production process.

Cosmic Bitcasting

Cosmic Bitcasting employs sensors to transform the cosmic radiation that neither the Earth’s atmosphere nor the outer layer of our own body shields us from. With light signals and vibrations, the interface reports the detected presence of every elementary particle that, as radiation from outer space, has found its way through the atmosphere to us.

The Culture Series

An article of clothing with sleeve appliqués of leather and copper fabric and neoprene sewn into their structure? And integrated into this electrical circuit is an Arduino microcontroller that interacts with the sleeves’ sensors and transforms the garment into a hybrid organism that reacts to the wearer’s heartbeat? How about matching earrings with a built-in pulse sensor?

Deep Space 8K: Chant of the Proto-Alchemists

Alchemists deal with matter and meta-physics; they integrate human understanding of the world, visions, ideas, and their desire to reach ultimate enlightenment in their search for knowledge and creation.