iniGrid—Integration of Innovative Distributed Sensors and Actuators in Smart Grids

Thu 8 September - 12 September 2016, 10AM-7:30PM
Credit: Ingrid / AIT

iniGrid innovates in the way electric energy is brought to end-use equipment for actively managed and fault-protected distribution grids. The use of renewable energies goes along with the so-called “Smart Grid.” Essential future functionalities such as dynamic management of power-line loading as well as fault detection and rapid recovery from power interruptions require appropriate sensors and actuators in place. These sensors and actuators are currently absent at the distribution level of power grids. Radically new semiconductor-based components are being developed by iniGrid, alongside the necessary IT and secure networking concepts. The Smart Breaker provides protection functions, power management, measurement services and communication for domestic and industrial applications, based on a new and innovative technology. An air-insulated medium-voltage sensor, integrated into post insulators allows easy retrofitting of sensors in the existing power-grid infrastructure.