LabOratorium—An Alchemical World Lab

Thu 8 September - Mon 12 September 10AM-7:30PM
Credit: deVries

The LabOratorium exhibition being staged during the festival scrutinizes the alchemists of our time and the forces that impel them to do what they do.  One spontaneously associates the word alchemy with the—eternally frustrating—handiwork of transforming base metal into gold, the endless search for the Philosopher’s Stone, or even with the likes of Paulo Coelho—quirky geniuses in antique laboratories full of odd apparatuses and bubbling flasks full of spooky substances.
Festival-goers visiting the LabOratorium won’t be receiving any prefab answers; instead, they’ll get an invitation to come along in search of the alchemists’ still-fascinating approaches and their current protagonists. To this end, the entire exhibition space is being transformed into a playful World_Lab in which a colorful assortment of stations offers opportunities for research, discussion, interacting and hacking. You might say we’re relaunching the mission to discover the Philosopher’s Stone. The issues we’re confronting thereby have to do with the information society, globalization, technology, medicine and ethics.
Visitors can take part in workshops, project presentations, discussions, hack attacks and experimental formats designed to come to terms with pressing issues together with invited artists and scientists.

Text: Michael Badics, Senior Director AE Solutions

Eye to eye with Sally

Since the first Ars Electronica in 1979, ubiquitous digitization and computerization have been continually revolutionizing both the arts and industrial production.

Orbital Perspective

On October 1, 2013, I left my dream job, the job I had worked my entire life to achieve, a job that took me to the depths of the ocean and to space. I left my career as a NASA astronaut for one compelling reason, to be able to share a very unique perspective our planet full time.

The Hearing Implant Company

MED-EL, Medical Electronics, headquartered in Innsbruck is a leading provider of hearing implants worldwide. The family-owned business founded by DI Dr. Ingeborg and Prof. Erwin Hochmair is one of the pioneers of the industry.


G60_HACIENDA is the test bed to transform the idle land in the hi-tech campus in Shanghai, China into the self-sufficient neighborhood. It will redefine public space via techno-advanced co-creation to form an integrated ecosphere of human, nature and technology, providing a new type of demo space of the future scenarios in urban living, knowledge acceleration and transferring, advanced industry clustering, forming the next economy for the City.

Impact Hub Vienna

Impact Hub is a unique global ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities that creates a sustainable and inclusive future. The Impact Hub Vienna community is made up of entrepreneurs, social investors, freelancers, advocates, campaigners, creatives, artists, consultants, professionals—addressing local and global challenges.


Agbogbloshie is a district in the teeming metropolis of Accra in West-African Ghana. The world’s largest electro-waste dump is located here. 22 hard-drives brought back to Austria from this dump are the starting point for the ‘Behind the Smart World’ research Lab.

Schmiede Hallein

Schmiede Hallein (Hallein Forge, a city in Salzburg) is a playground of ideas. This conclave of makers and prototyping jamboree is a setting for self-determined development, testing cooperation and brainstorming.


Digitization is rapidly transforming the world of work—complexity is growing; speed is on the rise; developments are less and less predictable. This shifts the focus onto the question of what makes human beings irreplaceable in comparison to computers, and in what respects people could be superior to intelligent machines.

Without Borders

During times in which the world’s borders are becoming increasingly hard and fast, people without borders are gaining importance.