Sporophyte Collection

Thu 8 September - Mon 12 September 2016 10AM-7:30PM
STARTS Labs / Gallery
Credit: Ger Ger For Schön!

Julia Körner

Julia Körner explores biomimicry in 3D-printing fashion garments through her interest in nature and architecture. The Sporophyte Collection features fashion pieces which are the first of their kind, as ready-to-wear flexible 3D-printed garments in North America, manufactured by Stratasys Ltd. Advances in technology and research have revolutionized design possibilities in fashion. This collection explores new possibilities in flexible material 3D printing for ready-to-wear couture.

The Hymenium Jacket and the Kelp Jacket, 3D-printed garments, are part of the fall 2015 ready-to-wear Sporophyte Collection by designer Julia Koerner and are manufactured by Stratasys Ltd.