Ghost Cell

THU 8 September - SUN 11 September 10AM-8PM MON 12 September 10AM-6PM
Ars Electronica Center
Credit: Antoine Delacharlery

You’ve never seen Paris like this before. Antoine Delacharlery’s animated film isn’t just a close-up of the French metropolis; it’s as if it puts Paris under a microscope. The urban organism with its inventory of streets, buildings and open spaces as well as the people, trains and cars moving about among them comes across like a concatenation of pale cells and nerve fibers. Full of spooky, spectral scenes populated by a cast of the apparently undead, Ghost Cell seems like the hybrid spawn of a scientific documentary and an apocalyptic dream.

Screenwriter and editor: Antoine Delacharlery
Executive Producer, Line Producer: Nicolas Schmerkin, Autour de Minuit Productions
Production manager: Émilie Schmerkin

Animation: Antoine Delacharlery, Bastien Dubois, Mathieu Bernadat, Jean Delaunay
Editing: Antoine Delacharlery
Music Composer: Bastien Prevosto