Common Flowers Alchemists Exhibition

Artist Lab BCL

The artistic research framework BCLexplores the relations, congruences and differences of biological and cultural codes through artistic interventions and social research.


Michael Kugler, Sebastian Wolf
In the collaborative work Brume fog emerges from and self-organizes on the surface on a sculptural element, congealing with light into an elusive stratum. The installation utilizes a series of ultrasonic transducers that generate thick clouds of dense, yet extremely lightweight water vapor.


Michael Montanaro, Navid Navab
Aquaphoneia is an alchemical installation centered around the poiesis of time and the transmutation of voice into matter.

ORI*LAB Masterclass

We offer insight into our research and development process, and actively pursue it with the method of learning by teaching, by conducting a masterclass in-situ with participants selected by open call.