Artist Lab Iris van Herpen

Iris Van Herpen
Iris van Herpen explores the interplay of magnetic forces. By thoroughly examining the representation of dynamic forces of attraction and repulsion, the designer fuses nature and technology.


Neffa / Aniela Hoitink
The purpose of MycoTEX was to create a textile out of living material and to develop a real garment out of it. Aniela started by combining mycelia with textiles, in order to create flexible composite products.

Interface I

Ralf Baecker
Interface I by Ralf Baecker investigates the boundary between two interacting systems rendered into the physical.


Ying Gao
The project was built around the idea of uncertainty. Both garments are activated by the spectator’s voice. Through the motion of the pins, the garments engage the spectator on a conversational level, which is filled with misunderstanding(s) and uncertainty.

Project Florence

Helene Steiner, Paul Johns, Asta Roseway, Chris Quirk, Sidhant Gupta, Jonathan Lester
Nature has many languages. Project Florence takes advantage of the sensibility of plants to different light frequencies and uses it to trigger electrical responses by a plant and compares the similarities between plant signals and natural language processes.

Hybrid Basketry

Amit Zoran
Hybrid Basketry is a medium where 3D-printed structures are shaped to allow the growth and development of hand-woven patterns.

Caress of the Gaze

Behnaz Farahi
What if our outfits could recognize and respond to the gazes of others? Caress of the Gaze is an interactive 3D-printed garment which can detect other people’s gazes and respond accordingly with life-like behavior.


Gina Czarnecki, John HuntWhen human materials are stored, grown and used outside the body it can be hard to say exactly who is being cared for, to say where, between us and our cells, identity lies.
Heirloom grows living portraits of Gina Czarnecki’s two daughters using cells collected from inside their mouths using a buccal swab.

Artist Lab Yasuaki Kakehi

Yasuaki Kakehi
Yasuaki Kakehi is a media artist and HCI researcher. An associate professor of Environment and Information Studies at Keio University. He develops interactive media that extend the human body, tools and communication by multiplying the five senses, affecting the properties of physical materials.

Artist Lab Masaki Fujihata

Masaki Fujihata
Anarchive˚6 is a book containing almost of all of Masaki Fujihata’s artworks from 1972 to 2016, which can be seen as video documentaries and interact with a reconstructed installation as a 3D model by using AR (augmented reality) technology with iOS devices.