Prix Forum II – Digital Communities

The Digital Communities Forum is dedicated to the social consequences of global interconnection via digital networks. With Sarah Kriesche (AT), Stacco Troncoso (ES), Paul Feigelfeld (AT) and Nakano Hitoyo (JP).

Participation and Political Socialization in the Age of New Media

For several years now, new social media have been changing how people communicate and thus our everyday life. Especially among young people, these media now constitute a central part of their lived reality. Even our political discourse is increasingly conducted via Facebook, Twitter and similar platforms, which thus open up new forms of sociopolitical participation and socialization. The conference will confront this new reality and the challenges accompanying it, and scrutinize the impact of this development on political education.

People Thinking Lab

A true revolution of technology is taking place in the stream of people’s everyday lives. The accumulation of new interactions between people and technology is creating a culture and shaping a new society. And that is how cultural and social innovations are initiated.

Casa Jasmina

Casa Jasmina is a two-year pilot project in the field of domestic electronic networking, or “the Internet of Things in the Home.” The aim is to integrate traditional Italian skills in furniture and interior design with emergent skills in open-source electronics. The project is a showplace inside a large industrial building already shared by Toolbox Co-Working, Fablab Torino, and Officine Arduino.