media art

Inferno Cyber Arts 2016


Among cultures throughout history, the representations of Hell, demons, and punishments are vast. In Inferno, the anxiety of the Singularity translates Hell and infinite punishment into a pseudo-model of infinite automation (rituals) and subordination to the machine.

Inferno Cyber Arts 2016

CyberArts 2016

The CyberArts exhibition at the OK Center for Contemporary Art features the best works singled out for recognition by the 2016 Prix Ars Electronica, a prize honoring creativity and pioneering spirit in media art.

Fairy Lights in Femtoseconds

Fairy Lights in Femtoseconds is a 3-dimensional holograph that creates a dialogue between the physical and the immaterial, melting the border between matter and images.

Aurelia 1 + Hz/proto viva sonification

Aurelia 1+Hz/proto viva sonification is an interactive performance that explores the phenomena of interspecies communication, sonification of the environment, and underwater acoustic/bioacoustics, using jellyfish.


The relationship between humans and nature seems to be out of balance. The human, a being defined by technology, is harming the environment on which its existence depends. In Parasitic/Symbiotic this tension between nature and technology is addressed.


Rhizome by Boris Labbé, a film director and visual artist based in Madrid, is a complex animated film.


Jller is an apparatus that sorts pebbles from a specific river by geological age.