media art

Refugee Phrasebook

Refugee Phrasebook is an open collaborative project that provides a collection of useful phrases, icons and links for refugees and their helpers to support them after their arrival in a new place.

P2P Foundation

This digital community, launched in 2005 by Michel Bauwens, is dedicated to advancing the social potential of peer-to-peer technologies.

Die Entscheidung

Die Entscheidung [The Decision] is a computer game for two players who compete against one another at separate computers. Although competing, they have very different assignments to carry out and they don`t receive the same information.

Jennifer Lyn Morone TM Inc

Jennifer Lyn Morone highlights the human right to own personal data by turning herself into a corporation—Jennifer Lyn Morone™ Inc (founded in 2014). Her identity, physical & mental abilities, biological functions and data, are assets only she can exploit and potentially turn into profits.

Deep Space 8K: VH AWARD

The VH AWARD’s purpose is to uncover promising but relatively unknown Korean artists creating media art. It seeks to support these young, talented media artists’ art-making process, but to also help them gain international recognition.

Women in Media Arts

Woman in Media Arts is a comprehensive database dedicated exclusively to women working in these genres. It includes all women who have made a mark on the 36-year history of Ars Electronica, and is designed to serve as an active research platform for artists, curators, scholars, scientists and anyone else interested in finding out more about female practitioners in these fields.

Common Flowers Alchemists Exhibition

Artist Lab BCL

The artistic research framework BCLexplores the relations, congruences and differences of biological and cultural codes through artistic interventions and social research.


Lines have several interesting characteristics from the perspective of interaction design: abstractness of data representation; a variety of inherent interactions; and constraints as boundaries or borderlines.


inFORM is a shape display that gives physical form to digital information. Motorized pins extend from a tabletop to form a physical sculpture that users can view, touch and deform.


musicBottles is an interactive installation for visitors to interact with soundwaves encapsulated in bottles. The installation consists of a set of bottle that encapsulate sounds from Boston, Cambridge and the MIT neighborhood.