Marble Machine

Marble Machine is both an instrument and the song itself—the process of making is embedded within and is inseparable from the process of composition.

Can you hear me?

In einer unter ständiger Überwachung stehenden Gesellschaft, in der Regierungen ihre Macht missbrauchen und gegen menschliche Grundrechte verstoßen, wollen Aktionen wie Can you hear me? dazu einladen, diese Systeme herauszufordern und öffentlich unsere Meinungen zu sagen.

Random Darknet Shopper

Hidden online markets exemplify how the Internet in general, and Darknets in particular, are helping to increasingly blur the lines of national legal dictates: What is legally produced and sold in one country is not necessarily even legal in another.

Architecture of Radio

Based on your GPS location, the app shows a 360-degree visualization of the Infosphere, — the manmade ecosystem of wireless infrastructure around you.

Exhausting a Crowd

Exhausting a Crowd was inspired by Georges Perec’s novel, An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris (Tentative d’epuisement d’un Lieu parisien), and automates the task of completely describing the events of 12 hours in a busy public space like Piccadilly Circus in London or in Amsterdam XX.

Jasia Reichardt

What began as a technological revolution has become our culture and our common reality. Visionary pioneers not only anticipate these changes with their work; they often decisively shape them and, in so doing, establish the foundation of media art as we know it today.


A bot (short for robot) is a computer program that can automatically perform certain repetitive tasks without having to rely on instructions from a human user. The SAZAE bot was just such a program.

Refugee Phrasebook

Refugee Phrasebook is an open collaborative project that provides a collection of useful phrases, icons and links for refugees and their helpers to support them after their arrival in a new place.