Dragan Ilic Robo Action Alchemists Exhibition Festival 2016

Roboaction(s) A1 K1

Dragan Ilić
In his project, Dragan Ilić executes a ten-minute performance/gestural action with an advanced robot, Kuka K210+DI, which allows his body to rotate at a speed of up to two to three meters per second.

Robots in Architecture

The international Association for Robots in Architecture is originally a spin off association of Vienna University of Technology. Its goal is to make industrial robots accessible for the creative industry, artists, designers and architects, by sharing ideas, research results and technological developments.

Face Cartography

Daniel Boschung
An ABB industrial robot controlled by specially customized software cartographs faces to create hyper-realistic portraits.

RoBoHon Alchemists Exhibition Festival 2016

RoBoHoN – Heart moving phone

RoBoHoN not only has the basic functions of a mobile phone but is also equipped with a camera, projector and robotics functions, including the voice communication system. These are all embedded in a compact humanoid robot body.

Artist Lab Matthew Gardiner

Matthew Gardiner
Matthew Gardiner is an expert in the field of Oribotics, having coined the field, and pioneered the fusion of origami, folding and robotics with his generations of Oribotic artworks.