Robots in Architecture

THU September 8-MON September 12, 2016, 10 AM-7:30 PM,
POSTCITY, Gleishalle
Credit: Philipp Moosbrugger

The international Association for Robots in Architecture is originally a spin off association of Vienna University of Technology. Its goal is to make industrial robots accessible for the creative industry, artists, designers and architects, by sharing ideas, research results and technological developments. Founded in December 2010 by Sigrid Brell-Cokcan and Johannes Braumann, Robots in Architecture is an open platform for everybody interested in the creative use of and innovative fabrication with industrial robots. Robots in Architecture is engaged in applied research, soft- and hardware development, “robot pedagogics” – and in the question: how soon will robots revolutionize architecture?


PRINT A DRINK combines methods from robotics, life sciences, and design to explore a completely new field of 3D printing. Rather than building up objects layer by layer, the process uses a high-end KUKA iiwa robot to accurately “inject” microliter drops of edible liquid into a cocktail. Within a minute, PRINT A DRINK can build up complex 3D structures in a wide range of drinks—creating fascinating augmented cocktails using only natural ingredients. The process was developed by Benjamin Greimel at the new laboratory for creative robotics of the University of Arts and Design Linz and will utilize the latest-generation KUKA LBR iiwa robot—a robot built for man-machine collaboration. Credits: Benjamin Greimel; Philipp Hornung; Johannes Braumann; PRINT A DRINK; University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz

sonic Degrees of Freedom

Sonic Degrees of Freedom – audiovisual environment translating the digital with analogue, and physical with virtual – turning a “collaborative” robot into a controller for the audio-visual environment, dancing sound-gesture. “SdoF” is set as an environment, so one can experience, how to move the interactive, anticipative machine, feeling the interactivity and responsiveness, the machine demands, while it is so feely, that one can move it with fingers, if force and movement are felt fully unthought, but done.

Concept / Idea / Realization: Johannes Braumann, Chris Noelle, Michael Schweiger
Johannes Braumann head of laboratory for creative robotics at UfG Linz,  co-founded Robots in Architecture.
Michael Schweiger – sound artist / sonic thinker leads K2 Soundstudio at UfG Linz.
Chris Noelle – multimedia artist,  in the fields of projection mapping, interactive design and lightpainting.
The chair for Individualized Production in Architecture at RWTH Aachen explores new robotic applications in the fields of design and construction.
Supported by KUKA Robotics CEE