Deep Space 8K: Paguro Idea

Paguro Idea initiated its first project in Nepal to support the reconstruction of villages, starting with Raghuchour in the Kavre Palanchowk district. Engineers without Borders supports the project in creating a concept to construct earthquake-resistant buildings with local materials and local resources as well as improving the water supply to secure a third crop.

Hy-Fi The Living Alchemists Exhibition Festival 2016

Hy-Fi: Reinventing the brick for a low-carbon, compostable structure

The Living
Hy-Fi offers a captivating physical environment and a new paradigm for sustainable architecture. In this project we tested and refined a new low-energy building material, manufactured 10,000 compostable bricks, constructed a 13-meter-high tower, hosted public cultural events for three months, dismantled the structure, composted the bricks, and returned the resulting soil to local community gardens.