Deep Space 8K: Paguro Idea

Fr 9 September 2016, 11AM-11:30PM
Sat 10 September 2016, 3PM-3:30PM
Sun 11 September 2016, 4PM-4:30PM

Ars Electronica Center
Credit: Klaus Dieterstorfer

The crisis as an opportunity. The earthquakes that shook Nepal in April and May 2015 have affected an estimated eight million people—that is almost a third of the country’s population. Entire villages were flattened, while others were severely damaged.

That was one major reason to found Paguro Idea , a non-profit organization with the vision to help people who are affected by emergencies and structural poverty.

Paguro Idea initiated its first project in Nepal to support the reconstruction of villages, starting with Raghuchour in the Kavre Palanchowk district. Engineers without Borders supports the project in creating a concept to construct earthquake-resistant buildings with local materials and local resources as well as improving the water supply to secure a third crop.

Together with the locals, the project aims to reconstruct the village sustainably and to improve livelihoods. Based on an ecovillage approach, the villages can be rebuilt more socially, economically and ecologically sustainably, without losing their cultural background.