Virtual Reality in the educational, social and health sectors

FRI September 9, 2016, 9 AM-5 PM
POSTCITY, First Floor, Future Innovators Stage

A cooperation by Otelo eGen (AT), Land OÖ/Abteilung Gesundheit (AT) and Ars Electronica EducationLab (AT)

Technology is omnipresent; it expands our senses, gives us feedback, motivates and supports us, and keeps us under surveillance. But what body of rules governs it as it does so? Who’s controlling the technology, and whom is it controlling? “Das Erkenntnisspiel” (insight game) is played out in a mixed reality, a hybrid of virtual and real space. It attempts to integrate a process of reflection by users right into the gaming experience and to provide a basis for a postgame session about the users’ online, gaming and media behavior.

This symposium will bring together experts, teachers, therapists, social workers and physicians to discuss possibilities of using media in educational offerings and prevention work, and to assess the initial findings of field research. “Das Erkenntnisspiel” is an ongoing project produced jointly by OTELO, Ars Electronica and the Province of Upper Austria under the auspices of Innovatives OÖ 2020.

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9:00 AM–9:15 AM Welcome by Governor Josef Pühringer
9:15 AM-10 AM Technological and Application-oriented Facts and Prospects of Virtual Reality Systems (Roland Haring, Ars Electronica Futurelab)
10 AM-12 noon u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD/VR-LAB
Das Erkenntnisspiel in Action (cooperation module, mobbing module, empathy module)
12 noon–12:55 PM Break
12:55 PM–2 PM Ars Electronica EducationLab
Between Spectatorship and Deselection—Commitment as Event and Cocooning 2.0 (Beate Großegger, Institute for Youth Culture Research)
2 PM-3 PM Functional Principals and Working Mechanisms of Gamification and VR (Alexander Pfeiffer, Danube University Krems; Manuela Macedonia, University of Linz)
3 PM-3:20 PM Break
3:20 PM–5 PM

Virtual Reality Systems for Use in Education, Social Work and Health Care

  • Format development for use in education, social work and health care—ideas, challenges, brainstorming
  • Break-up into groups based on the three fields of application, and development of other areas of application
  • Plenum