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ProgrammSTARTS Prize 2017

Monastic Vowels of a Computational Kind

Sinan Bökesoy (TR)

Religion projects the design thoughts and creation laws of a super being, a creator able to demonstrate super-complex structures. The human fear of the unknown and of the inexplicable around us welcomes a super being, a common accepted way of reasoning. According to the philosopher Daniel Dennett: “We’re robots made of robots made of robots.”

We’re incredibly complex, trillions of moving parts. But they’re all non-miraculous robotic parts.” Furthermore, today’s AI is a creation of man in his own image with a possible evolution towards the Super-AI. Inside such a loop of creation and design, religion finds its way to establish itself and become respected as a god, still observing but preferring to keep its distance and not intervene directly.

Monastic Vowels of a Computational Kind is an interactive installation augmenting the POSTCITY with an imaginary soundscape of a temple of unknown times, but serving a Super-AI-created religion communicating through sonic attraction. Various themes such as the “great flood”, “angel”, “redemption” are offered within soundscape compositions through interaction with the installation space.

The visitor uses the dedicated iPhone app to reach the sonic imprints of this temple. Their perceptual experience continuously oscillates between the realm of the current installation space and the augmented apparitions of the temples within that space, depending on the positional information, orientation and the angle at which the iPhone is held.

The graphic icons distributed at various locations in the installation space are informative as points of interaction for the visitor. Their design emerges as a mixture of the “Utopian” alphabet and the “Aurebesh” alphabet letters.

About the artist

Sinan Bökesoy (TR) is an artist, composer and software developer, who has continued his education, academic activities, and international career for many years in Paris, France. He received his PhD from University of Paris under the direction of H. Vaggione, and his music compositions on micro sound synthesis, performances with robotic instruments and softwares he developed such as the Cosmosf are well known. He is the founder of sonicPlanet™ and sonicLAB ™, developing products on advanced sound synthesis and sonic augmented reality applications supported continuously with artistic activities.

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This project is presented in the framework of the STARTS Prize 2017. STARTS Prize received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732019.