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20 Etudes for Piano by Philip Glass

The Twenty Etudes for Piano were composed during the years from 1991 to 2012. Their final configuration into Book 1 and Book 2 was determined by the music itself in the course of its composition. Taken together, they suggest a real trajectory that includes a broad range of music and technical ideas.

Whose scalpel

“Whose scalpel” is a sound performance combined with a visual and 3D-printed installation, realized with an application framework for medical-image processing. Mixing several methods from art and science, it is an imagination of the future and presents the issues in the relationship between human and machine in heart surgery.

Monastic Vowels of a Computational Kind

Religion projects the design thoughts and creation laws of a super being, a creator able to demonstrate super-complex structures. The human fear of the unknown and of the inexplicable around us welcomes a super being, a common accepted way of reasoning.

Sentient Veil

Sentient Veil is a jewel-like canopy containing multiple miniature sound processors interwoven with hundreds of digitally controlled lights installed within the historic galleries of the lsabella Stewart Gardner Museum.


The goal of our artistic-scientific research project trees: Rendering Ecophysiological Processes Audible, was to connect sounds that occur in trees with ecophysiological processes and thus investigate and render perceptible processes in plants that are not noticeable to humans.

Austria 360° KHM interactive

Österreich Werbung has used HTC Vive technology to develop an interactive virtual-reality tour of Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum. This project is one of Europe’s first virtual-reality documentaries with user-determined storytelling, and superbly demonstrates the possibilities of interactive video documentary in virtual reality.

Almost there.

Almost there. was constructed using sonically controlled vibrators and some very trusting contributors. Over the last two years, these contributors recorded their voices while masturbating with the vibrators. The artist composed the audio they used specifically for this project.

Radio FM4 – mobile studio

In addition to live broadcasts direct from the Postcity festival venue, FM4 is staging a mobile radio studio, an opportunity for festival visitors to see what goes into an actual radio production.

Semiotics of the Laboratory

Semiotics of the Laboratory aims to question the symbolic and semantic properties of laboratory practices when they are interpreted at face value—that is, merely through their visual observation, without the narrative that tries to explain their scientific meaning. It is a laboratory observing the interpretation of the laboratory practice itself.

Capillaries Capillaries

Capillaries Capillaries is an audiovisual composition based on a non-hierarchical and bi-directional relationship between sound and image in real-time. The piece does not represent a visualization of music or sonification of an image but rather a tangle of audiovisual interactions.