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MoRFES_02: Robot Ecologies for Construction

Credit: Maria Yablonina

Maria Yablonina (RU)

MoRFES_02 (Mobile Robotic Fabrication Eco-System 02) is an iteration of a series of experiments and demonstrators conducted by Maria Yablonina as part of her ongoing research on collaborative mobile robots for architectural fabrication.

This body of research explores and demonstrates fabrication processes for tensile filament structures enabled through the deployment of multiple species of mobile robots on the construction site. For this project, two species of four semi-autonomous robots are deployed to create a continuously changing structure in the gallery space. Throughout the exhibition, mobile robots are to continuously work on an object, removing and adding parts and changing its geometry, demonstrating the potential of the fabrication process live. Collaboration between the different types of robot allows one to view these machines as more than merely tools, but as a micro ecosystem that has the potential to grow and expand over time.


Maria Yablonina, Institute for Computational Design and Construction, Achim Menges
Research assistants: Olga Kalina, Jingcheng Chen