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The Gluon Foundation fosters collaboration among artists and scientists. At Ars Electronica, they will present a new model for cooperation among artists, scientists and art collectors. This entails placing scientists-in-residence as staff members in the ateliers of top-name artists.

European Digital Art and Science Network

Recent experiences and insights are presented from the European Digital Art and Science Network, which between 2015 and 2017 brought artists to residencies at leading research institutions—CERN, ESO, ESA, and Fraunhofer MEVIS—as well as at Ars Electronica Futurelab.

Avatar as Prosthesis

Students and artists were invited to discuss the topic of avatars and to create their own representations, whether in 3D space or on paper.

Me/You/Us + AI

This lab encourages you to explore this by “coding” your body (and others) to perform a series of interactive, collaborative, and highly playful instructions, using lo-fi and low-tech materials. Get ready to transform into smart machines.

Come, Build With Us!

We are inviting everyone to come and build interactive visuals with us. Anyone can collaborate either by coding with us directly or simply by giving us input on what they would like to see.

MoRFES_02: Robot Ecologies for Construction

MoRFES_02 (Mobile Robotic Fabrication Eco-System 02) is an iteration of a series of experiments and demonstrators conducted by Maria Yablonina as part of her ongoing research on collaborative mobile robots for architectural fabrication.